Dec 23rd Festive Season Closure information

During the festive season from 24 December till 2nd of January 2017 our sales and regular support are closed. Of course our support is available 24x7 for any emergency issues. We at 040Hosting wish you a good holiday and a healthy & prosperous 2017.

Jun 26th Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 of June 2016 - Sales not available.

Sales will be limited available Monday (27) and Tuesday (28) as per our yearly holiday schedule which can be found at :

Of course our technical support team is available 24x7 as usual.

Apr 21st Spring Holidays - sales limited available

Between 25th and 29th of April our sales team will be limited available. This means that sales request may take longer as usual. 
Technical support is available 24x7 as usual, please make sure you select the proper suppor area at when creating a ticket.

Mar 6th Sales Limited Available: 14 of March till 17 of March 2016

From 14 of March till 17 of March 2016 our sales team will be limited available; New account setup may be delayed during this time period; or even not be handled till 21 of March ; we will try to inform you the soonest possible on when your order will be handled. Our Technical support team will be available as usual 24x7 during this time ... Read More »

Mar 6th 15 of March till 17 of March 2015 WHD.Global Rust, Germany

Want to meet a 040Hosting employee or two in real life? Today we are happy to announce the 040Hosting Events Page to help you do just that.  Remember to RSVP if you plan to meet us at such events. is first and foremost a world-class technology conference that brings together leading experts and insiders for high-value networking, ... Read More »

Mar 6th Funds

It is no longer possible to add funds to your account yourself. If you like to make automatic payments we have the following options:- Pay annual, you only get 1 invoice per year, most products also are cheaper when ordered annually - Use a subscription for Creditcard payments, Paypal, or SEPA-Incasso ) (this can be used in combination with any ... Read More »

Feb 24th Change in direct acceptance of foreign currency

Please note that as from 01/03/2016 we will no longer accept payments in USD (US dollar).What will change for you as a client; You will no longer receive an invoice in US Dollars (USD, $) but in EUROs (EUR, €)You will get a new account in our portal and products will be moved to this new account.Old invoices will therefore remain in the old ... Read More »

Feb 11th Sales limited available 11/2/2016

Due to unforseen cirsumstances any sales related ticket will be answered delayed today.

we are sorry for the inconvience.

Jan 16th coming up: move of 040hosting and support site to new server

This is a pre-annoucementWe will soon start moving our website and support portal to a new server. This will be done in steps and will be announced in our network maintenace schedule and on @040status at twitter.This is a step to ensure our website as well as servers are on the latest versions and hardware to keep up for the future. Note that we ... Read More »

Dec 18th Sales & Support availability during the holiday period.

Sales will be closed on the following days, our support team is available for emergency issues as usual 24x7 all days of the weekSales Closing times & Support availability18/12/2015 Friday ; sales closed ; support team available for urgent issues24/12/2015 Thursday ; sales closed ; support team available for urgent issues25/12/2015 ... Read More »